Swatch Olympic Pavilion

Swatch Olympic Pavilion

Extruded polycarbonate panel, recycled rubber tire flooring, recycled steel structure, rented construction hoist (elevator)

A temporary structure that changed color, content, and mood on a daily basis, the original Swatch Pavilion pulsed with the beat of the Olympics. The changing plastic skin of the building was inspired by the iconic Swatch jellyfish watch. Graphic projections were done with standard issue Kodak slde projectors fitted with color gels. Exhibits showcased Swatch Timing technology and Olympic portraits by Annie Leibovitz. The building was almost entirely recycled.

Lifespan: 3 months

architect: PFAU Architecture
associated designers: Eyecandy
gc: Beers Russell
exhibit design: Eight Inc
furniture: Thomas Jameson ITEM Studio
image projection: Mark Largent
photography: Mark Darley (Esto) & David Yama