Palo Alto Eichler

Palo Alto Eichler
Featured in Interior Design Magazine July 2013

DuChateau® European Oak flooring, Heath® dual glaze ceramic tile, vintage disco ball

This Palo Alto 1970’s Eichler house remodel falls squarely into the ‘minimal modern meets disco’ camp. The project took focus as a result of the collaboration between architect, interior decorator and a supremely passionate owner. 
A former television producer, the owner had recently moved from Toronto with her husband (VP Linked In) and 4 small children. The minivan in the garage belies the rock and roll mom! The owner was willing to embrace bold ideas about color, texture and space. The project shows what can happen when an owner isn’t limited by practical considerations.

Completed 2013, 2300sf

gc: Flegels Construction

interior decorator: Alison Damonte

photography: Bruce Damonte